2006 15’s premiers (EPDFDC)
2010 15’s premiers
2011 16’s premiers
2012 Y12 runners up
2012 Y9 Black premiers
2012 Y8 Black premiers
2013 Y10 Black premiers
2013 Y9 Black runners up
2013 Y8 premiers
2014 Y12 runners up
2014 Y11 runners up
2014 Y9 runners up
2015 Y12 premiers
2015 Y11 runners up
2015 Y10 premiers
2015 Y7 Teal premiers
2016 Y8 runners up
2016 Y9 Teal runners up
2016 Y10 runners up
2016 Y12 runners up
2017 Y7 Black premiers
2017 Y7 Teal runners up
2018Y9 Teal premiers
2019Y10 Teal premiers
Y7 Rockets runners up
2020Y7/8 Girls premiers
Y9 runners up
2021Y7 Runners Up
2022Y7/8 Girls Premiers
Y9 Runners Up
Y10 Runners Up
Y11/12 Runners Up
Y9/10 Girls Runners Up
2023Yr7 Black Runners Up


2002Steve Sims Coach of the Year (NSJFL)
2003 Ray Buscall – Auskick Ambassador of the Year
2008 Colin Dempster – Coach of the Year (EPDFDC)
2011 Subiaco District Club of the Year
2012 Gavin Oliphant – WA Football Volunteer of the Week
2015 Jamie Wynne – Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year
2015 Subiaco District Club of the Year
2016 Subiaco District Club of the Year
2018Clint Miller - Subiaco District Auskick Volunteer of the Year
2021Ryan Fong - Subiaco District Coach of the Year
2023Sarina McVee - Subiaco District Female Coach of the Year