Life Members

All community clubs rely on volunteers to operate and are only able to thrive when they have dedicated people working together to help the club. Life Membership recognises the individuals who have contributed significantly to our Club in an official capacity over an extended period of time often in a range of roles. Our Life Members have helped grow our club from humble beginnings to what it is today.

NameInduction YearOriginating Club
Ray Buscall2005Landsdale JFC
Rob Warren2007Landsdale JFC
Steve Sims2007Landsdale JFC
Craig Nylander2007Landsdale JFC
Dave Mullins2008Landsdale JFC
Jon Carter2009Landsdale JFC
David Blake2009Landsdale JFC
Colin Dempster2012Kingsway JFC
Darrin McLoughlin2012Kingsway JFC
Craig Kidd2013Kingsway JFC
David Cooper2013Kingsway JFC
Ian Brotherton2014Kingsway JFC
Justine McLoughlin2015Kingsway JFC
Patrick Murphy2017Kingsway JFC
Ryan Santich2017Kingsway JFC
Jamie Wynne2017Kingsway JFC
Jason Niblett2018Kingsway JFC
Basil Merindino2018Kingsway JFC
Michael Wilden 2019Kingsway JFC
John Pellegrini2020Kingsway JFC
Dylan Gardiner2021Kingsway JFC
Clint Miller2021Kingsway JFC
Danni Dix2023Kingsway JFC

Playing Life Membership

Playing Life Membership is awarded to players who have reached the extraordinary achievement of playing 150 games for our Club.

Nicholas Nylander 2012
Braydon Dempster 2013
Nathan Blake 2014
Jackson Kidd 2014
Bailey Nylander 2014
Braydn Furmark 2015
Blake Harding 2015
Zane Hazzard 2015
Adrian Mola 2015
Jarrad Sims 2015
Nelson Summers 2015
Lee Zimoch 2015
Jayden Brown 2016
Tom Johnston 2016
Corey Young 2016
Daniel Frost 2017
Nicholas Santich2020